MIX & MATCH – $125/OZ

Looking for a great deal on an OZ of cannabis? Look no further than our Mix & Match special! For just $125, you can choose from multiple budget quality strains to create your perfect OZ. So what are you waiting for? Come and mix & match your way to the perfect OZ today!

An OZ (28g) worth! You can choose the strains in any increments leading up to 28g

Gelato 33
  • Potency: With a THC level of 28%, Gelato delivers a powerful punch that's balanced by its hybrid genetics, offering a perfect blend of euphoria and relaxation.
  • Appearance: Its buds are a sight to behold, large and densely packed, adorned with a spectrum of deep green hues and purple accents, all under a blanket of crystalline trichomes.
  • Flavor Profile: True to its name, Gelato provides a deliciously smooth smoke with sweet, dessert-like flavors that hint at its creamy namesake.
  • Effects: As a hybrid, Gelato strikes an exquisite balance between the uplifting cerebral high of sativas and the soothing, body-relaxing effects of indicas.
  • Experience: Users can expect a euphoric onset that gently transitions into a state of deep physical relaxation, making it ideal for creative pursuits or unwinding after a busy day.



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Indica (90% Indica/10% Sativa)
29% THC
Very Terpy - Smells of Nice Wine and Berries

ON SALE ALL MONTH - $125/OZ | $5/g


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Kush Mint

Dense, Sugar Coated (THC) Nugs

Very similar to the legendary KMAC

Gassy/Sweet Scent

30% THC


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29% THC


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MIX & MATCH – Unbeatable Value at $125/OZ! 🌿✨

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate cannabis experience without breaking the bank? Our Mix & Match special is the answer to your green dreams! For an incredibly affordable $125, you’re granted the freedom to curate your perfect ounce from a diverse selection of budget-friendly strains. But wait, there’s more to this deal than meets the eye!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Generous Volume: A full OZ (28g) awaits you, ready to be tailored to your preferences.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Whether you fancy a bit of this or a lot of that, mix and match in any combination that adds up to 28g. Your cannabis, your rules!

Why This Deal is a Game-Changer:

Every Friday, we spice things up a notch. One of our high-end $10/g strains gets a special spotlight, dropping to the irresistible price of $125/OZ. This means that on these select days, you’re not just getting value, but a taste of luxury at a budget price. While our $125/OZ is typically synonymous with our $6/g range, our Friday specials are a testament to our commitment to giving you the best of both worlds. It’s not just a deal; it’s a weekly celebration of quality and value, handpicked just for you.

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Very High


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