6g Dual Chamber Heisenberg Vape Pens

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3g + 3g Dual Chamber – Two Different Strains!

5 Clicks of Button To Turn On/Off Device – Hold Button To Hit
Push Mouth Piece to Switch Strain
USB-C (Android/Newest Iphone) Charging Port – Cable NOT included


  • Dual Cartridges: Each pen features two 3g cartridges, switchable with a simple push of the mouth piece.

  • Diverse Strains: Enjoy a variety of strain combinations, perfect for any mood or preference.

  • High-Quality Distillate: Made with top-grade cannabis distillate for a pure, potent experience.

  • Sleek Design: Modern and discreet, ideal for vaping on the go.

  • User-Friendly: Easy to use with a focus on convenience and style.

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Heisenberg Extracts Dual-Strain Vape Pens

Heisenberg Extracts’ innovative dual-strain vape pens. Each sleek pen packs a powerful punch with two separate 3g cartridges, allowing you to switch flavors at the push of the mouth piece. Tailor your vape session to your mood and dive into the diverse world of premium cannabis distillates.

Flavor Profiles & Strain Combinations

These pens come loaded with an eclectic mix of strain combinations, offering a spectrum of flavors and effects. Whether you’re in the mood for something earthy and soothing or sweet and exhilarating, these pens have you covered. The precise extraction process ensures that each hit delivers clean, intense flavor and purity, maximizing the essence of each strain.

Convenience & Style

Not only do these vape pens offer a versatile vaping experience with their dual-strain capability, but they also boast a modern, discreet design. Perfect for on-the-go use, the pen’s innovative switchable cartridge system allows you to effortlessly change strains to suit your needs without any hassle.

Additional information

Strain Combos

Runtz(S)/Strawberry Banana(I), Cotton Candy(S)/Jolly Rancher(S), Truffle Sundae(H)/Congo Kashmir(S), Bubble Gum(I)/Cherry(I), Cereal Milk(H)/Jealousy(H), Watermelon(S)/Orange(S), Blue Slushie(I)/Skittles(S)


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