You must register & be 19+ to place an order!

We require you to be 19+ and have a valid ID ready for the first delivery. For mail-order we require an ID to be sent to us via email upon registration. All ID must be face verified and match the accounts name.

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Designed with our customers in mind, HFXBuyersClub offers quick and easy access to the best cannabis products available.

With a focus on customer service, we provide great prices and quality products seven days a week. Using our website is simple as can be. When you’re ready to shop simply click on “Register Now” and fill out the short form to create your account.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find high-quality cannabis products.

You want to find a delivery service that can provide you with high-quality cannabis products, but you don’t want to have to search through a bunch of different websites.

HFXBuyersClub is a cannabis delivery service that offers same-day service to Halifax and the surrounding areas. We have a large selection of high-quality cannabis products, concentrates, and edibles, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Plus, our prices are unbeatable!

Big shoutout to your team, always a wonderful experience all around. 

Meg S

When are you open?

Open daily from 11am – 9pm | First batch goes out at noon

What are your delivery times? (ETA)

Halifax: Under an Hour – 3 Hours

Bedford/Larry U/Hammonds Plains: 1-4 Hours

Dartmouth/Lower Sackville: 1-4 Hours

Further Out: Same Day, (will arrange a time after order)

Mail Order: 1-3 Days Canada Wide

Do you deliver to my area?

For the most part, we deliver anywhere within 45 minutes of Halifax. Anywhere else we would do mail-order which takes 1-2 days to arrive within the province.

Outside of Nova Scotia? That’s okay! We deliver Canada-wide, just chat with us to discuss details!

Delivery Fees

Delivery Fees:

Halifax Area: $3 for any order under $35

Dartmouth/Lower Sackville: $5 for any order under $50

Further Out: $10 for any order under $150

Mail Order: $25 for any order under $150

Delivery Minimum

Delivery minimum is $20, including the delivery fee.

Payment Methods?

We take cash, e-transfer or Bitcoin.

Welcome Gift?

Every first-order receives a King Sized Hybrid Pre-Roll. A little welcome gift from us to you!

Quantity Gifts?

After $50+ you will get a Hybrid King Sized Joint, and another at $100+! Once you are past $200+ we choose a specially tailored gift(s) for you! We appreciate every sized order but the big ones are always extra sweet and we want to give that back.

Mail Order?

Yes, we do mail orders! We will contact you after you place your order with further information on shipping and account verification. Free Shipping Past $150

What time is the first batch out?

We are online starting at 11am preparing orders and the first batch heads out at 12pm, noon, every day.

When does the last batch head out?

We take orders all the way up to 9:00pm daily. The last batch heads out right after that usually between 9:00pm – 9:15pm. Anything ordered past 9pm will be sent out the next day for the first batch at noon.

How can I talk to an agent?

You can get ahold of us by clicking the “Chat with Us” button (or floating chat bubble on mobile) to talk directly to us! We respond pretty much immediately and are always on chat during open hours. Don’t be afraid to say hello! We are friendly!

Who are you guys?

We are a fully local team that is smaller than you would think. We operate with a small 8 person team, including drivers, made up of a diverse group of individuals. We think keeping the team small helps us grow a personal relationship with the customer, as we become quickly familiar with regulars. Being in the industry since 2017 we are able to happily offer customers the best deals and quality in town through our long-standing relationships with growers as well as our own cultivation knowledge. Don’t be afraid to say Hi to one of us over chat, if we are open we are ready to assist you in anything you may need!

We thank you for choosing to support an extremely local business such as our own. In no way are we a national or province-wide franchise like many other companies in the space, simply local to Halifax and only Halifax. Every day we are able to grow and expand due to your support, always keeping it local.

Are all of the photos really yours?

Yes, we take all of the photos for our flowers, edibles, and most of the joints. They are taken in-house in our lightbox and then uploaded to the website as we put on the product. We will also use verified photos from brands that we are partnered with. You can be confident that what you see is what you get.

Thanks for your wonderful service. Much appreciated. Been with you guys for over a year now and never disappointed in quality, cheers. 

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