1500mg THC Krazy Keys


  • 1500mg THC Distillate Total
  • 25 Gummies | 60 mg THC Distillate/Gummy
  • Infused Sour Key Gummies

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Unlock a Flavorful High with Krazy Keys! 🍬🔑🌿

Priced at just $45.00, our 1500mg THC Krazy Keys promise a delightful journey of taste and euphoria. Dive into the world of potent gummies that not only tantalize your taste buds but also deliver a powerful punch.

Key Highlights 🌟🍬

  • Potent Dosage: Each gummy is infused with 60mg of THC Distillate, ensuring a consistent and robust experience.
  • Quantity & Total THC: The pack contains 25 gummies, summing up to a whopping 1500mg of THC Distillate in total.
  • Flavor Profile: Experience the tangy thrill of Infused Sour Key Gummies. Every bite is a blend of sour zest and the underlying essence of THC.

Safety First! 🔒🚫

  • Child Safety: These gummies are not child’s play! Ensure they are stored safely away from the reach of children.

Dive Deeper 🍬📜

  • What’s Inside: The pack boasts 25 Infused Sour Key Gummies, each delivering a consistent dose of 60mg THC.
  • Total Potency: With 1500mg THC in total, this pack is designed for those who seek a potent edible experience.
  • Storage Recommendations: For optimal freshness and safety, ensure these gummies are stored in a secure location, away from children.

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