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Smoking cannabis may be a concept you have only recently embraced. Somewhere along the way, smoking cannabis was a taboo practice, mainly because it was classified as a drug. Despite the stigma, it’s still practiced by those who live with its healing powers—for example, those who suffer from migraines or chronic pain. 

Smoking cannabis is a surprisingly simple process, and all you need to do is roll a tight joint, light it up, and begin to inhale.

The amount of cannabis you consume will depend on how much you want to get high and how often you plan on smoking. One joint can contain between 0.5g and 5g of cannabis, depending on the strain and whether it’s a full or half-ass joint.

Another thing you should know about smoking cannabis is how to smoke it correctly, so you don’t get too much or too little at once. The easiest way is to roll a joint by folding your weed into a small paper tube and then lighting it from both ends (like rolling a cigarette). You can also roll a joint using an empty cigarette pack which will make for easier rolling than just using an ordinary plastic baggie. Still, they tend to burn faster, causing more smoke residue on your hands and mouth, which can be annoying, especially when you have friends for dinner or parties.

It’s time to get real about cannabis and understand how to smoke it. Here are our top 10 tips and tricks.

1. Vaporize it

Vaporizing cannabis is better for your health than smoking it and a much more efficient way of taking marijuana. There are many ways to take cannabis, but the most efficient way is through vaporization. What’s better for your body and mind than just inhaling? Now you can get all of the amazing effects of marijuana without the harmful side effects caused by smoking. Vaporizing marijuana is healthier because it doesn’t contain harmful carcinogens and tar-like smoking. The vaporization process allows you to inhale all the cannabinoids that are beneficial to your health while avoiding the ones that can cause lung damage. Even better, less smell means less complaining from others around!

2. Roll It Up

While smoking cannabis can be done in various ways, rolling it up may be the best. Rolling cannabis and smoking it is easy to do and is also very affordable. In addition, you can enjoy a good quality of smoke that might taste better than something pre-made.

3. Let It Bake

Bake it into an edible! It as easy as putting cannabis directly into peanut butter – or go for a more gourmet way! Baking your weed ensures you get super baked! However, don’t over do it! You can easily green out by eating too much cannabis!

It takes time! Don’t take more until many hours after the first bite.

4. Don’t blow weed smoke directly into someone’s face

Don’t be a douche. It’s disrespectful!

If you’re smoking marijuana and passing it around, don’t shoot it in someone’s face – it’s rude and can cause serious health problems. If they’re not already smoking, ask them if they want to join in. 

Smoking marijuana from a joint or bong is less harmful than smoking it from a pipe or water pipe because the smoke doesn’t get as hot. If you’re using a pipe or bong, ensure the person you’re smoking with doesn’t have an asthma attack or is sensitive to secondhand smoke.

5. Try CBD Oil if you’re looking for relief without the high

CBD oil is a legal, non-psychoactive alternative to marijuana. It’s made from hemp plants and contains little to no THC — the compound that gives users a high if they consume cannabis.

Since CBD doesn’t get you high, it can be used by anyone who wants relief without feeling the effects of THC. Because of this, CBD products are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to medicate but don’t want to smoke or vape marijuana.

CBD oil has been used for many decades for treating arthritis pain and anxiety disorders. Still, it’s recently gained popularity as an alternative treatment for other health issues like insomnia and depression.

6. Use a Smoking Device

Apart from using rolling papers to smoke, you can also try smoking devices like bongs and pipes or vapes.

Pipes usually have a hollow bowl and a mouthpiece through which you can inhale. Some pipes also have a small carb hole that you cover and uncover with your finger while inhaling to clear the smoke pipe.

Bongs, sometimes called water pipes, use water to cool and filter the smoke. Since the smoke is cooled, people tend to take larger hits when using bongs.

7. Try Hash or Hash Oil

Hash is made by collecting trichomes, the “red hairs” and “crystals” found on a marijuana plant. The accumulated concentrate is sticky and gummy in texture. It can be smoked from a pipe or rolled with tobacco, weed, or both.

Hash oil is a concentrated extract from cannabis that can be smoked, eaten, vaped, or rubbed onto the skin. Hash oil contains THC, the same active ingredient as other marijuana products, and the use of hash oil is also called dabbing.

8. Smoke Herbal Mix

A herbal smoke mix is usually a blend of herbs for different smells, tastes, and lung benefits. Some herbal mixtures may have mild calming or euphoric effects and can be smoked in a pipe, rolled in papers, or used in a vaporizer. 

9. Grind Up and Roll Your Joints Instead Of Buying Pre-Rolls 

The excitement of smoking comes from grinding and rolling your joints with rolling sheets. Rolling your joints gives you complete control of the size and shape. Plus, it’s a relaxing experience. The process is usually very satisfying.

10. Clean after each Sesh

Clear out the ash and limit the resin build-up on your bowl so it’ll always be ready to pack and puff whenever you need it. Always clean out your bowl and clear out all the ash that’s in there from the sesh you just finished. Using high concentrated alcohol like isopropyl (pro tip: use 90%+ for a real good clean)!.

Another great method to clean your bongs/pipes is to use salt and isopropyl 99%! Shake that fucker till it shines! Wash it out with warm water and some soap to be extra sure all the iso is out. You and your bong will be happier (& higher!).

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